Thursday, 23 March 2017

A Prayer for Peace

This evening we had the great privilege of listening to the stories of two courageous men, one Palestinian and the other Israeli.  Both men have suffered a great personal loss.  It is that loss that brought them together.

Both men have suffered the death of a daughter at the hands of extremists.  Rather than seek revenge, both men have committed to work for peace.  Generations of oppression and segregation, bitterness and revenge have resulted in countless lives lost.

The men spoke of the continual cycle of violence, hatred and fear.  It is their belief that the peoples of the Holy Land need to live together with respect for their common humanity.  If this does not occur on top of the earth, it will be the case under the earth regardless.

It is not written anywhere that the people of the Holy Land will be at war forever. Reconciliation is possible and necessary.  Please pray for the Combatants for Peace and the Parent Circle that they will be successful in their efforts to bring peace to the Holy Land through education, advocacy and action.

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