Friday, 24 March 2017

The Lord's Prayer

Have you ever wondered where Jesus taught the disciples The Lord's Prayer?  It was on the Mount of Olives.  Jesus often stopped at the Mount of Olives to pray or to rest.

The use of the term "father" is a deeply personal almost private term. 

Jesus invited his disciples as He invites us also, to form a relationship with His father, the God of all.  

He calls each one of us to be part of the Christian family and it is Jesus that unites us all.  

The Lord’s Prayer is considered to be a complete prayer and has been translated into over 1200 languages.  

Why not take the time now, to say The Lord's Prayer, slowly and carefully, considering each line. 

We said the Our Father together in the grotto pictured above, the location where the first Our Father was said.  Where was the first place that you said the Our Father?

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