Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The House of Grace

In an ancient Cathedral of Our Lady, in Haifa, a House of Grace has been established. The House of Grace was founded on September 8, 1982 by Kamil and his wife Agnes.

The House of Grace has been serving the community by providing a refuge for battered women, freed prisoners, troubled youth and others who have been rejected by society. The centre also distributes food and clothing to the poor. 

Kamil understood that society needed to take steps to rehabilitate prisoners and accept them anew in order that they might become an active and fruitful part of society.  He welcomed sinners to his table and into his home with his wife and children.

We were welcomed into the Church and lavished with a meal fit for a king!  Following Kamil's passing, his wife Agnes and their adult children have continued the good works occurring in Haifa.

Please remember the House of Grace in your prayers. The House of Grace exists primarily on the generous donations of others.  Are you able to help The House of Grace or organisations doing similar work?  

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