Saturday, 25 March 2017

The Upper Room

The Last Supper Room is a second-story room in Jerusalem that commemorates the "upper room" in which Jesus shared the Last Supper with His tdisciples. It is located directly above the Tomb of David on Mount Zion.

Jesus asked His disciples to prepare the Passover meal for them.  The disciples asked Jesus where they should prepare the meal.  Jesus asked them to go to Jerusalem and look for a man carrying a water jug - a very unusual site indeed as collecting water was a woman's task.

Jesus knew that He was to be The Last Supper.  It was at this time that Jesus showed the disciples how to serve others by washing their feet.  Jesus told the disciples that one of them gathered there would betray Him.

The Last Supper was also the institution of the First Eucharist and where the disciples were gifted with the ability to speak and understand other languages to provide them with ability to communicate with people from other nations in order to spread the Good News.

During The Lord's Supper, Jesus got His affairs in order.  He was ensuring that the task of evangelisation could continue following His death and ensured that the disciples and us also, are nourished through the Eucharist.  Unlike Jesus, we do not know when we will be called by God to join Him in his heavenly kingdom.  Are your spiritual affairs in order?

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