Friday, 24 March 2017

Jesus Wept

On the Mount of Olives, so much of Jerusalem lies before you.  

From the Mount of Olives, you can see The Kidron Valley, also known as Judgment Valley; Mount Moriah where Abraham was to sacrifice his son and God provided him with an animal sacrifice and Mount Zion where Jesus had The Last Supper with His disciples.

Jesus had spent three years teaching, offering forgiveness and healing. Jesus was more than just a prophet, He was the Messiah that everyone had been waiting for, but not everyone had acknowledged.

The name "Shalem", is derived from the word "shalom", meaning peace.  Jerusalem is known as "The City of Peace" or "Abode of Peace."  Jesus wept as he knew that only love could bring lasting peace to the people of Jerusalem - a peace which still alludes them today.

We celebrated Mass today at Dominus Flevit Church, which overlooks Jerusalem.  On the altar is an image of a hen with her wings outstretched to protect her chicks.  Our God is ever attentive to our needs, watching over us with love and providing protection.

How many tears have been shed by the families of those who have lost people to violence, unrest and war?

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