Sunday, 19 March 2017

The Shepherd's Field

Our Lord is one of surprises.  After the birth of his Son Jesus, to Mary and Joseph, an angel of the Lord appeared to the shepherds in the fields nearby, that the long-awaited saviour had been born.

Shepherds were amongst the most despised of the Jewish people yet the first invitation to pay homage to Jesus was given to them.  This, of course, is no accident as Jesus was destined to become The Good Shepherd of us all.

The traditional place of the angel’s visit is the town of Beit Sahur. Originally known as the Village of the Shepherds, it is now an eastern suburb of Bethlehem.

On this sacred site there is a grotto, a low natural cave, in which there is a chapel. We celebrated Christmas Mass here today.  Our tour guide Rami says that it is always Christmas in Bethlehem!

A child is born for us today, Alleluia.

He is our saviour and our King, Alleluia.

Take a look at the reflection on the door.  It is as if the star is illuminated just for us.

Is the door of your heart open?  Are you ready and willing to receive the surprises that God has in store for you?

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