Friday, 24 March 2017

The Church of Saint Peter

The Church of Saint Peter is located on Mount Zion.  The lower level commemorates the apostle Peter’s triple denial of His Master, Jesus.

When the cock crowed, Peter recalled that Jesus said that he would deny knowing Him on three occasions.  Peter immediately repentant, cried bitter tears of remorse.

Jesus had been identified by Judas and Jesus was arrested and was lowered into a dark dungeon overnight, through a hole in the ceiling. 

The Sanhedrin gathered information to charge Jesus with and convinced some to bear false witness against Jesus.  The Sanhedrin controlled the temple and the sacrifices.  Many would have caved under the pressure of being expelled from the temple for not complying with the wishes of the Sanhedrin.

The image of The Last Supper is unusual in that there are only eleven disciples represented there. This image excludes Judas.

Above are the first century steps that Jesus was certain to have walked on.  It is these steps that connected the Kidron Valley and the Mount of Olives and Zion.

When have you been like Peter and avoided acknowledging someone?

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