Monday, 13 March 2017

Amman, Jordan

Jordan, a location steeped in tradition and history and an area in which Jesus traveled and taught in.

Today we had the great privilege of meeting Jordan tour guide, Fadi (left), who took us to his parish to meet Father George(right), a truly inspirational man of faith and love.

Over 2.5 million people currently living in Jordan are refugees.  Father George has opened the doors of his parish and even his home to hundreds of displaced Christian men, women and children.

We gathered before the altar at Saint Ellis's Greek Catholic Church in Amman and listened to the many challenges that refugees in Jordan face.  Bishop Michael led us in prayer before we shared a meal with some of the refugees and Father George.

Over 90% of the population of Jordan are Muslim, yet Muslim and Christian faiths coexist peacefully.  We pray for peace in all areas of our world affected by war.

Why not take a moment to pray the Hail Mary for the refugees of Jordan, as we did today.

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  1. Hello Mrs Simmonds, we said a Hail Mary for the Christian refugees you met. Bye for now, from 6S